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E’zee Klik Coockware

E’zee Klik Cooker


In your hands-is an Exclusive St Steel Combi-Pack Pressure Cooker (3L & 5L), designed & manufactured with lot of care, keeping in mind-the ease of operating & above all safety of the user. You can open & close the Lid with the ease of moving just the Handle (RED) up & down on the Lid. When you lift it up, the Lid will open & when you bring it down, the Lid will close. We have provided a Pressure Indicator in the Cooker wich will not allow the Lid to open if there is pressure inside the Cooker Body, ensuring complete safety for the user. In this design of Pressure Cooker, you can place Lid on any position & close it safely.

This Pressure Cookers has thick base, suitable for all Cooking mediums & will not get deformed or distored after long use, giving you years of trouble free service. Besides providing a Heat Resistant & Tempered Glass Lid, we have also given a Steaming Basket with the Cooker, for steaming vegetables as per your need. We have also provided a Silicon Rubber Coaster which can be used for keeping the Pressure Cooker on the dining table.

Enjoy trouble free Cooking with KenCook Pressure Cooker for years to come.

  • Easy Secure Locking
  • Maximum Safety
  • Solid impact bonded base
  • Heat resistant handles
  • AISI 304 grade stainless steel
  • Toughened, heat resistant glass lid
  • Induction & gas compatible
Material Stainless Steel
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